Boy Scout Troop 127

This troop was started in September of 2008. We are chartered by Christ the King Spiritual Life Center in Greenwich, NY. We belong to Wakpominee District in the Twin Rivers Council.

Our troop started off very small, we had 2 active members. We gew a bit more in May of 2009 with the addition of 3 new scouts and then 4 more in March of 2010 and 3 more in Decenber of 2010. We are fortunate to have a wonderful chartered organization that supports us in many ways. Our facility for troop meetings is large and comfortable. We primarily use the Welcome Center for these meetings. When the weather is good, we hold troop meetings and events outside, utilizing the extensive property. There are hiking trails, a beautiful lake, a lean-to and camping area as well as heated cabins. We have use of the rockwall and zipline as well as the fields and tennis courts. In the winter, we can snowshoe the trails or spend some fun time sledding. We are looking forward to growing our troop even more in 2015.

Our Leaders and Committee members are:

Rev. Matt Baker, Chartered Orgainization Representative

Cheryl Fearon , Committee Chair

Michelle Heimbach, Advancement Chair

Tim Banfield, Scout Master

Charlie Showalter, Assistant Scout Master

Tom Wojtusik, Assistant Scout Master

Susan Secrist , Committee Member

Jennica Showalter, Committee Member

Veronica Atwell, Committee Member

Melissa Bauer, Committee Member

Bridget Nolan-Lent, Committee Member

Donna Irish, Events Coordinator

Tammy Fuda, Treasurer

Renee Abernathy, Events Liason to CtK

If you are interested in learning more about our scouting program, please feel free to contact



 Cheryl Fearon, Committee Chair   692-9196  [email protected]